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Addendum #005




: addendum; plural noun: addenda

In September 2019, Abbotsford Convent's 2019 Artist in Residence, Leisa Shelton will launch a major new work - addendum; for which she will collate, publicly display and then burn her full performance archive of 30 years continuous arts practice in Australia.


September 07, 2019 / 5.17am

Questioning #01.

I have invited the question.

Perhaps many. Perhaps leaving the gate too open, too wide.

This was the intention_

to sit with the questions

and I wake before dawn

most days now

to stare them down.

Why so violent, this action of yours – burning?”

I have never known fire

as anything but alluring.

The fire I am making

is the fire we sit by,

a place by which to have the conversation.

Fire transforms.

Fire can be used by others to harm

But equally to renew.

“From what traditions am I drawing?”

What linages?


None I can claim. None to which I belong.

Experiences have informed me,

and there have been many,

generously offered within cultures around the world.

Fire though is with us all in diverse and complex ways.

As with so much that is transitional in our cultural / personal life

these are actions made anew

anchored within the structures of Practice.

Addendum; is responsive practice.

A new work. A project.


The medium through which

the work will happen.

Photography by Devika Bilimoria

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