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Across 2023 artist Leisa Shelton and collaborator Marisa Sposaro are in residence at the State Library creating advocacy for greater access for Blind communities to have Braille in the State Library and designing a series of public participatory projects that invite and enable a 'lived' experience of Braille for both the blind and sighted community, toward shared knowledge and advocacy for the disappearing language of Braille, which will become part of the State Collection.

Public projects include – Storytime in Braille in the Childrens Quarter and the upcoming (In)visible Libraries.

(In)visible Libraries

Description: Participate in a ‘Lived Experience’ of Braille, through the rich languages of poetry and braille. Participants are invited to sit with artists Leisa Shelton and Marisa Sposaro and read a favourite poem which will be transcribed into Braille and Typed Print in real time. Each day the publicly curated poems will be bound into hand sewn books for public reading and sharing. Alongside these handmade books, there will be collections of poetry in print and braille, reading corners and ‘poets in residence’ to create a week of immersion into the extraordinary languages of poetry and braille and the diverse communities surrounding them.

Artists: Marisa Sposaro and Leisa Shelton, 2023 Marion Orme Page Regional Fellows


Dates and Times: Thurs Nov 30, Fri DEC 01 & Sat DEC 02, 11am - 3pm each day

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