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Fragment 31 is a performance collective with associate artists assembling in varying combinations depending on the requirements of the diverse projects under investigation.  In the same spirit the offer to join a Fragment31 project as an intern is made with an interest in the practice development of both the Interning artist/s and current projects.

Fragment31 understands the value of apprenticeship style learning while advocating for reciprocity for all artists who offer their skills and time.


In this spirit each chosen intern is offered –


  • The experience of working directly on the delivery of each project with one of Australia’s leading artists in the area of culturally specific, participatory practice.

  • Specific mentoring sessions with Leisa Shelton to develop their own current independent projects.

  • A full place at one of the CONSIDERING PRACTICE Retreats during 2019, or equivalent.

  • A letter of recommendation for future applications / projects.



In 2019, 5 Interns were chosen to work across several key projects in the first part of the year to coincide with Leisa’s engagement as Artist IN Residence at the Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne.

1. ARCHIVE as part of the Artist in Residence program with Abbotsford, this project will be seeded with a two-year project partnership with ACF.

Intern – Luna Gawler – with a focus on Archival Processes, Documentation, Installation, Design, Marketing and Public Site-Specific Performance.


2. THREADS THAT BIND. - This project is in collaboration with a group of traditional weavers from Somalia who are currently residents of the Carlton Community Housing, sharing skills with local primary school students, aged care residents and local ‘neighborhood’ participants.

Intern – Cheryl Ho – with a focus on development of community and cultural practice, skills in project management, marketing, documentation and cultural exchange.


3. SCRIBE  - Scribe will return to DANCE MASSIVE in 2019, as the public document.


Three Interns will be working across various aspects of this edition of Scribe.

Scott Sneddon – Project Assistant and Public Attendant.

Angela Valdez – Installation Attendant. Scribe

Sisi Chen – Media, Culturally Diverse public access programs, documentation.


Cheryl Ho is a Melbourne based Actor, Performer and Theatre Maker. Her work is often inspired by stories that trigger images in her mind. In her practice, she seeks different ways of storytelling and creating experiences that are often immersive or participatory. Themes of social inequality, identity, tradition, culture, waste and excess are of interest to her. Having grown up in Singapore and coming into contact with different cultures, practices and beliefs, she's interested in how one’s environment serves to shape one’s perceived identity and experience of the world. In spaces where she practices and performs, she seeks to make or facilitate a space that is safe, accessible and inclusive. 


Angela Valdez is a dance practitioner and choreographer, who received her BFA in Dance from the University of Hawaii and is currently studying for her Masters in Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. She is also an improviser, with an ongoing interest in the materiality of the body, and how this attentive practice of tending to the body can trigger images of places, memories, and nature. Her works Breathing Spaces and 1994-Present are heavily influenced by imagery, and deeply rooted in a full embodiment of her connection to the people, places, and memories. Other works of her's included a dance for film series entitled Space Exploration which brings together dance and videography to explore ordinary or familiar spaces and transform them on screen. She is currently working on a new project that is interested in exploring identity through the theme of accumulation and working with the idea of recognizing how collected events become apart of an ever changing identity, and how the resonance of memories affect a moving body in the present. 


Scotty Wings is a poetic mover, storyteller, facilitator and theatre maker. He is on an endless journey to explore the beastly stomping grounds of text, site-specific art and physicality! You might see his work at Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival plus more, as well as internationally working with Haque Centre Of Acting and Creativity in Singapore and If Walls Could Talk in Kuala Lumpur. An event host and community facilitator, Scotty runs the infamous Ruckus Melbourne, which produces Art Party and Ruckus Slam. He sometimes invites artists over for taco feasts called Ideas Jam, which is an initiative to support, connect and grow community.

Scotty Wings is excited to be associated with Fragment31 in 2019. He will bring tacos. 


Sisi Chen majors in a Master of art management in RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and is an international student currently living in Melbourne. Graduating from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts in 2017, Sisi majored in fashion design and community.

In 2015, she worked as a fashion editorial assistant in ELLE China as well as at Grazia.

She has a passion for painting and photography of all styles including Street, long exposure, macro, studio lighting, portraiture, video. Her favourite thing is having my Instax mini 90 hanging on her neck, ready to grab small feelings and atmospheres in order to tell stories.

With a dedication to functionality and a curiosity for what’s ahead of the curve, Sisi keeps her study and work practical, relevant and creative.


Luna Mrozik Gawler is a multidisciplinary artist and writer, whose work examines the ideological foundations,  and ramifications of Anthropocentric paradigms. Working across installation, performance, media, and text, Luna’s work is often site-responsive, durational, immersive and interactive.  She uses embodied and ritual processes are explored through post-human and new materialist frameworks to expose and disrupt notions of power, identity, belonging and grief.  In 2018, Luna was awarded the Miengunyah Student Award from the Ian Potter Foundation for her video work PALIMPSEST and co-founded L&NDLESS, a live art collective based in Naarm. Her writing spans poetry, creative non-fiction, and ficto-critical work,  and appears in Going Down Swinging, ROAR, TEXT, Bombay Gin, Underground Magazine and Black Ink. Luna is completing a Masters of Creative writing at the University of Melbourne and has recently completed a thesis which examines the potential role of text, and transdisciplinary art practice in troubling anthropocentrism.

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