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Artist As Carer is a project that places artists in contexts of care within community.

Artist as Carer is led by LEISA SHELTON and is inspired by her lived experience as an artist, carer, educator and facilitator within communities of diversity. Working across these various contexts, Leisa identified a gap and an opportunity to bridge that gap by placing artists in contexts of care, where their skills, experience and artistic lens can support community in broad and new ways.

Leisa brings years of experience and a range of diverse skills to Artist as Carer, with a practice that foregrounds collaboration and advocacy for resilient communities of practice. Leisa has worked as a performance artist, teacher, mentor, curator and intercultural facilitator. Recent projects have focused on social and participatory public works that reveal and offer new models for greater agency and visibility for artists and participants, offering diverse experiences of the world and ways to be within it.

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