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The project invited artists to write –within the constraint of 50words-an experience of Loss, Yearning or of a Vow made. These then became the texts alongside the cutting of hair also sent by the artist, which were bound and sewn into silk teabags as vessels of memory.

The project was commissioned for an exhibition in Taiwan and responded to structures and materials from traditional Tea Ceremonies I had experienced within Asian culture and the importance of hair as a symbol of ritual sacrifice alongside the war time practice of my Grandmothers generation in which Australian women sent locks of hair with letters and photos to soldiers as symbols of intimacy and commitment.


  The exhibition contained 48 individual pieces gathered and made

over a one-month residency period. During the 4 weeks that the installation

was on view, the public were invited to write their own experiences of Loss,

Yearning and Vows made – and leave them with a cutting of their hair to

become material forfuture pieces – 461 offerings were left.



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