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An Archive is like a map – in that it allows us to see the full landscape and our place within it.

The Future-Past Archive literally marks a path that makes visible the incredible path of a generation.


It creates markers – letting us see collectives and collaborations form, change and endure, as well as sign posting artists as they emerge, establish and in so many cases flourish. It also creates the space to us mark what has passed – revealing companies, artists and even practices which are no longer with us.

This work is an extension of the project I began in 2014, also at Arts House – entitled MAPPING – reflecting an interest in marking history, honoring the artists and work that is our shared linage and developing practices to do this as practice alongside documentation.

To have named the names, and built spaces to fill with the documents representing the practices, artists, programs and initiatives that are Arts House, has been a privilege!

I hope there will be time for each of you to engage and take in this most excellent decade and the tireless work of the producers, technicians, support staff and volunteers at Arts House who make it all happen and will continue to guide and make possible a Future Future.



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