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 3-5 MAY 2019

Considering Practice – is a focused investigation into the core principles, values and intentions that underpin our independent arts practice, led by Melbourne based artist / educator – Leisa Shelton.

This work is open to artists of all backgrounds and core skill bases,

from performance to management, installation to writing – all artists seeking

greater clarity in their current practice and interested in considering

structures and strategies to re-define their current practice toward stronger,

more resilient future outcomes.

Combining this work with the addition of landscape and a retreat

structure enables a more immersive and expansive relationship to the process.

Riddles Creek studio / residence is just an hour from Melbourne but with the

distance to open perspective, create space and offer days and nights of

immersive considered practice.  
The aim of the weekend is to take time and

make space for reflection through led processes for walking, writing and

revealing your practice in order to gain clearer insight into next stages of each individuals practice.

Across a series of individual units of practice we will investigate –

  • Exploring and articulating core values

  • Processes of problem solving and project development through the articulation of values and intentions.

  • Development of key collaborative relationships – our roles within projects and those that will be sourced via others to create sustainable collaborations and networks.

  • The roles we fulfill and the roles that fulfill us.

  • Strategies for building resilient communities of practice.

$475 includes 2nights basic accommodation + some meals.

For more details / bookings –  contact 
Leisa Shelton –

Leisa Shelton is a performance artist and curator. Her practice foregrounds collaboration and advocacy for brave, contemporary transdisciplinary work. Leisa’s current practice is focused on curatorship – initiating new frames for the presentation and development of performance, nationally and internationally.

Leisa was co-curator of the Venice International Performance Art Week (VIPAW), presenting the Australian program across all 3 editions with seminal artists Jill Orr, Barbara Campbell, Stelarc, Indigenous artist Sarah Jane Norman and Julie Vulcan, James McAllister and Casey Jenkins

In 2015, Leisa initiated and directed ‘eXchange’, a cultural and performance exchange between dance artists and festivals in Melbourne and Taipei, Taiwan and facilitated the inaugural Asia Discovers Asia Meeting  (ADAM) bringing together 20 significant emerging artists from across AustralAsia.

Leisa’s recent live work, ‘Mapping Australian Media Art’ (2014–16) featured in Experimenta Recharge: 6th International Biennial of Art and her current project SCRIBE, commissioned for the 2016 Festival of Live Art, and has toured to Spill Festival in the UK and Berlin.

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